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Empower more users and stop maverick spending

At Coupa, we start with the user. Because whether it’s an employee, a supplier, an administrator or an approver – the user is where everything starts.  All the benefits of Coupa (or any software) are contingent on people using the system – willingly, correctly and happily.

Usability isn’t just a pretty interface.  Usability requires being intuitive, consistent, efficient and powerful.  Adding value, not frustration. Respecting user feedback and prioritizing user-based design.

Coupa believes the path to adoption is to delight users, not coerce them.  And with  the highest adoption rates in the industry, we think we’re on to something.

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User Adoption with Coupa

One system for all!

"Every employee at Avalon has a common need - they need something to get their job done and they need to be able to do that against what the business goals and budget are and that’s where the Coupa tool comes in and really brings that all together." - Hyrum Kirton, Vice President Procurement, Avalon Healthcare


Pie in the sky? No more. We have customers who’ve achieved it, and many more that are coming close. Why not get a slice of it yourself?

  • Consumer Shopping Interface
  • Coupa Open Business Network
  • Actionable Email Notifications
  • Business-Owned Configuration
  • One User Experience
  • Powerful Mobile App
  • 100% Mobile
  • If an employee can answer the question “what do you need?”, they know how to use Coupa. It’s that simple.
  • The Coupa Open Business network is 100% free and provides options for all size suppliers. If your suppliers are on the internet, they can transact. That’s real supplier usability.
  • Coupa’s notification emails are directly actionable with no login required. With a single click, managers can review and approve POs, invoice payments and expense reports, while suppliers can create an invoice or acknowledge an order right from the emailed PO.
  • From a platform-wide approval workflow engine to drag and drop custom fields for any object, Coupa is business-configurable without requiring IT.
  • Learn once, know everywhere. Coupa has a consistent interface that requires minimal training.
  • Voice-enabled expense entry, geo location for vendor selection, and quick access to all approvals and requisitions. Just some of what the Coupa app can do.
  • Full browser functionality on any device, plus iOS and Android apps to enhance the mobile experience for key functions.

Coupa By The Numbers

Whatever the business issue, Coupa is about results. Here are just a few of the numbers our customers have posted.

A retail customer spent tens of thousands on training collateral before go live - WASTED it all because the system was so easy to use!
Leading global property and casualty insurance organization saw adoption across 10,000+ users with little to no formal training.
Top-tier global aerospace, defense and information solutions company saw more than double the number of active users from their previous system.

A solution that delights

The more employees enjoy using a system the more likely they are to use it. It’s not rocket science. All we’re doing is empower end users to take responsible spending into their own hands.


Are emails just action items for when you get back to the office? That’s not mobility and it’s certainly not usability. We’ve made it so you can work in Coupa from your email, without logging in.

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Free to join, free setup, free to transact, always and forever. How’s that for eliminating hurdles to adoption?

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You’ll flip when you see how easy it is to shop in Coupa. Steer buyers to buy on contract, from inventory on hand, or though Coupa Advantage all in one place.

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It’s hard to think of anything more universally dreaded than filling out expense reports. Processing them is no picnic either. We’re taking the pain out of both.

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Coupa Usability

Coupa Customers talk ease of use.

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